Push your limits.

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Xert™, a suite of web and mobile software products, determines the limits of human athletic performance, at any intensity, at any time. The software allows athletes and coaches to discover and monitor athletic fitness breakthroughs and ultimately maximize performance.

Xert Online

Xert Online provides athletes and coaches ride-by-ride, activity-by-activity fitness and training management. Using a data analysis method called “Maximal Power Available Analysis” or “MPA™ Analysis“, the fitness you show in every activity can be extracted from the data. Each activity’s signature can be determined and progress on training can be tracked without the need for specific testing. Your performance during races and other events can also be analyzed for sources of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Features:
    • Upload or sync activities with Strava™ or TrainingPeaks™
    • Determine your fitness without the need to do 20 minute or similar tests using MPA Analysis
    • Compare your strengths and weaknesses against others using Xert’s Athlete Type Ranking Database
    • Track fitness progression and training load using the Xert Work Manager
    • Receive recommended workouts based on your fitness, preferences and event dates with Xert’s Workout Recommender
    • Design workouts using fatigue and recovery targets using Xert’s Workout Designer
  • Requirements:
    • HTML5 Browser

Xert for ConnectIQ

Xert for ConnectIQ add essential performance metrics to any Garmin ConnectIQ Edge® 1000, Edge® 520 or Edge® Explore 1000 device.  Three custom datafield apps are available from the Garmin ConnectIQ App Store.

ConnectIQ App Screenshot
MPA and Colour-Coded Power Displays MPA, the maximal power you have second-by-second. In addition, power is displayed beside MPA and is colour-coded to provide feedback on how close you are to achieving a new fitness breakthrough by exceeding MPA. The app rewards you with a performance medal when a fitness breakthrough is achieved. mpa-520
Fat and Carbs Displays fat and carbohydrate usage, colour-coded to indicate when rates are maximal. fatcarb2-520
Time to Exhaustion  Displays how much time you have before reaching your limit as well as how much time before you are recovered, both based on a configurable wattage.  ttr2-520
Focus and Strain Displays Focus, which is unique Xert derived measurement.  It a time measure that indicates the area of your fitness that is currently being exercised during the current activity.   Strain is a measurement of the difficulty of the activity. It is shown either as a Total Strain value in kJ, which is a sum total of the strain of the current activity or as a Strain Rate in watts showing the current degree of strain you are producing. focus-strain-520
Bioshift  Optimizes your cadence by displaying a gauge. The gauge slides up when you’re pedaling too fast and slides down when you’re pedaling too slow, relative to Bioshift’s determined optimal cadence for a given power output. bioshift-520

Xert Mobile

Xert Mobile provides real-time feedback on performance and fatigue. Utilizing your  fitness signature and MPA, fatigue and recovery can be established in real-time during training sessions, group rides and races. Using a unique, colour-coded gauge that combines both power, real-time fatigue, you get a clear visual of your current fatigue status.

  • Features:
    • Colour-coded Power Display
    • Real-time Time-to-Exhaustion
    • Real-time Time-to-Recovery
    • Select and Play Workouts
    • Real-time Training Feedback
    • Fitness Breakthrough Notifications
    • Cadence Optimizer
    • Bioshift Automatic Shifting
  • Requirements
    • Android Smart Phone
    • Bicycle Power Meter
    • Speed and Cadence Sensor for Cadence Optimization


Just pedal.

Bioshift, a patent-pending intelligent gear selection system, determines the optimal gear for a cyclist, in real-time, based on their specific athletic characteristics and fatigue, constantly optimizing to provide the most efficient gear. By providing the cyclist with the most efficient gear, cyclists receive the benefits of reduced fatigue and energy consumption and the most comfortable riding experience.


Intelligent Gear Selection

Bioshift provides cyclists both competitive and recreational with the benefit of optimized, efficient gearing. By combining data from bike mounted wireless sensors together with information about your specific physiology, Bioshift determines the optimal gear second-by-second.


  • Turn Automatic/Semi-Automatic off and on
  • Override gears at any time